My creative corner of the web. A2A Creative incorporated in 2011, but the experiences began long ago. Almost 10 years ago. A2A formed to offer my creative abilities & all my experience to assist multiple companies while attending college.

Prior to 2007, my childhood career option was conquered when I became a paralegal. For five years I worked in the legal industry with personal injury law, family law, and litigation. I was an office manager who kept the ship moving forward but I knew that I would eventually need a degree.

Prior to college, I worked with Roadrunner Records and Capitol Records/EMI Music to promote artists, upcoming shows, or events, including onsite festival promotions. I utilized grassroots style marketing by distributing promotional materials to a target market. Pre-event promotional materials were distributed at venues, or in a targeted city. My service areas included the South-Texas Region mostly, including Corpus Christi, Houston, and Dallas. I would be contacted by my lead in New York or California to attend events or handle promotion projects for specific artist needing the attention. I would go on to create a business for marketing events, products, and companies. In 2007, Marketing became my passion, and in 2008 a career option as I entered into college.

I began reaching out to companies and concert venues to provide event coverage, event marketing, and photography. A2A incorporated January 19, 2011, as I began to take on additional clients providing more intensive marketing services, branding, web design, and more. While attending the University of Houston, I provided photography services for the University, Victoria Secret, Makers Mark, and other companies requesting event coverage, product shots, and event marketing.